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Frozen beef , Brisket Shank ,Chuck, Flank Plate, bonlesss trimmings,meat

Model No.: brf
Product Name: Frozen beef , Brisket Shank ,Chuck, Flank Plate, bonlesss trimmings,meat
Product Origin: Chile
Standard: grade a
Brand Name: beef
FOB Price: USD 340 /Metric Ton
Min. Order: 10 Metric Ton
PriceTerms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 23000 Metric Ton per Month
Detailed Product Description:

A supplier in Quality Control OF frozen Halal lamb meat, carcass, and other halal meat products.

Frozen, Fresh or Chilled Mutton/Sheep/Lamb Meat Carcass Approved for Export to China

(1) whole mutton 24kgs /6-way cut
mutton squire cut shoulder /mutton boneless
legs/mutton fat inside/mutton external fat

(2) whole lamb carcess/6way cut
weight 18kgs-24kgs/ lamb shoulder /lamb legs
lamb breast /lamb square

frozen lamb chops specification

top quality halal beef
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